Bridging the gap between
sustainably-minded, socially conscious businesses and
nonprofits, at home and internationally.

What We Do

Upcycle4Good is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) that reduces our impact on the environment by slowing the growth of landfills and eliminating the need for using raw materials. Instead, goods are repurposed.
We help businesses convert stored and excess items into charitable donations.
We help provide needed goods for nonprofits and developing communities.

How We Do Good Together

Whether we facilitate a transfer of goods from a donor to a charity or nonprofit, or we coordinate the sale of donated goods
and use the proceeds to cover logistics costs, Upcycle4Good’s core objectives are achieved:
to divert goods away from landfills and put them back into use to help those in need.
Become a donor and join our mission to preserve the environment and improve lives.

Supporting Organizations


Angela’s House • CAST – Center for Advocacy, Support & Transformation • EAC Network • Empire Justice • Family Service League • MOMMAS House • New Ground • North Shore TV • Port Washington Children’s Center • Science Museum of Long Island • Sisters of Life

Donate Today

In addition to in-kind volunteer support, we welcome financial contributions. Donations fund transportation logistics, when neither the donor nor the recipient non-profit is able to arrange for the transfer of donated items.  Thank you for helping protect the environment and improve lives!

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Surplus Goods

If you have large-scale surplus goods with years of remaining useful life, consider donating them. Upcycle4Good facilitates the transfer of these surplus goods to registered charities and underserved communities both domestically and internationally.


Your Nonprofit

Upcycle4Good is here, in part, to support your mission. Our goal is to connect you with charitably-minded businesses.

Register to have access to donated goods.


A Logistics Partner

Do you represent a Logistics company willing to use spare capacity to benefit others? We do not require any commitment; only a willingness to consider shipments of various sizes to/from various locations.  

We’re Growing!

Our partnerships are benefiting organizations across the nation

West to Montana

North to Connecticut

Our Mission in Action: Who Needs Help?

Upcycle4Good is proud to be supporting the work of
Hope for a Healthier Humanity (“HHH”).

We are seeking specific building materials delivered to Latin America,
to help HHH construct housing for families in need.

Preserving the Environment.
Improving Lives.

Upcycle4Good facilitates business-to-business connections that reduce waste while allowing charities to put these goods back to use. Here are some examples:

Problem: For businesses in the hospitality industry, furniture, appliances, and other items may become scratched or dented, rendering them “useless” for the business, while retaining many years of useful life.

Solution: Hospital patient rooms or school science labs in underserved communities may put items such as small refrigerators, previously used as hotel mini-bars, to good use.

construction workers on roof of building

Problem: Construction contractors purchase bulk quantities of tools, materials and equipment for multiple-year projects. At completion, these items are sent to an equipment yard and stored for extended periods, trashed, or sold for nominal amounts.

Solution: Underserved communities are frequently in search of construction tools and equipment to support efforts to provide housing or access to water.

Problem: Clothing and fabric manufacturers and distributors often have excess quantities due to seasonal changes, slight damage or imperfections, or sizes that remain unsold.

Solution: Developing communities readily use these items for their original purpose or, with slight modifications, repurpose them for use within their homes.

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Join us in our mission to preserve the environment and improve lives today.

Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.

—Fred Rogers

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